Recent Publications: Virtue Epistemology

January 17th, 2013

Essays in Epistemology


Edited Volumes in Epistemology

  • Epistemic Situationism (with Mark Alfano).  OUP, forthcoming
  • Naturalizing Epistemic Virtue (with Owen Flanagan)
  • Virtue Scientia: Bridges Between Virtue Epistemology and Philosophy of Science
  • Virtue Epistemology: Essays on epistemic virtue and responsibility (with Linda Zagzebski).  OUP, 2001.
Work In Progress
  • The Meeting of The Twain: Situationism and Virtue Epistemology” (under review): _Alfano Discussion(PDF)
  • Revisiting Epistemic Motivation: Meta-cognition and epistemic action
  • “What is naturalized virtue epistemology?”